Privacy policy

Company Planet of Bets Entertainment B.V., Hereinafter referred to as "Company", is a control structure site In order to enhance user confidence in the Company, we are ready to inform you of existing measures to protect the information applicable to the resursea and associated with the use of its products.

It should be noted that the navigation on this site does not require you to enter any personal data to the moment when you do not want to use the products presented on the site. The beginning of the use of products includes the user registration system with the provision of personal data.


To gain access to all products on this site, you must register as a user and provide personal data such as:

  1. First Name
  2. Last name
  3. Home Address
  4. Zip code
  5. City of residence
  6. Country of residence
  7. Phone
  8. E-mail address
  9. Confirmation of achievement of 18 years of age

If financial transactions with the company the right to request a copy of the user identity document.

Use of your data

Your personal information provided during registration or updated by using on Company products are stored c using facilities of the Company and may not be transferred, sold and not available for temporary use by third parties.

In the case of the suspicious behavior of your personal information may be verified with the data provided by your ISP. In the case of fraud in the area of betting, manipulation games as well as actions that lead to disruption of services umyshelnnomu, the Company reserves the right to transfer your data athletic communities, services and other third parties involved in investigating such suspicions.

If you want to close the game account, please note that in order to preserve the integrity of the base of your personal data remain in the system and also protected, as if you are still using your account.

In order to avoid unwanted contact with third parties we recommend you to omit personal information on forums, social networks, chat rooms.

Deny access for minors

Persons under 18 years of age not permitted to use the products presented on this site. To do this during the registration mandatory requested information on the date of birth and proof of age.

Moreover, the Company may request from the user copy of the document udostveryayuschego personality. In this case if it turns out that the user is a minor, but have registered false information, all transactions in the account be subject to the principle of retroactivity, regardless of whether they were winning or losing. At the same player account is blocked permanently.

Security measures to protect your data

The company has taken measures and is constantly improving the protection of your data when using the products on this site.

Change your details

As a register user at any time can change or correct your personal information except name, last name, date of birth and country of registration. Changes can be made in the "Profile" menu of the main site.