AML Policy

1.Any criminal or fraudulent activity is prohibited and may lead to user account being blocked and all user funds will be frozen.

2.Fraud may include:

- deposits using stolen credit card

- use of someone else account in payment system

- any collusion between users

- use of false personal information for registering an account

- documents forgery

but is not limited to this list. Any action can be regarded as a fraud, if it violates the laws of user country or other countries.

3.We reserve the right to verify history of the origin funds in the account balance. As well as the right to request additional information necessary to verify the history of the origin funds.

4.The following actions will be used to analyze and identify any illegal activity:

- the imposition of restrictions for deposit and withdrawals

- additional check if your transaction in excess of USD 5000

- monitoring and blocking the opening of linked accounts

- saving the entire history of the user account, including the personal

information of the account holder, date, time and IP address of visits to the account and account of payment system that were used to deposits and withdrawals

5.We have the right to decide on the closure of the user account when there is a suspicion of involvement in illegal activities. The account can be closed until end of the respective investigation.

6.Every case of fraud can be sent by us to the Regulator or other law enforcement agencies, thus we provide them with access to all account information for further investigation and final decision.

7.The account belongs to the person of its owner and is not transferable to another person. Transfer account to another person will be considered as violation of the Terms and conditions and may lead to account closure with frozen account balance.

8.We reserve the right to verify the user's gaming activity. Usually time for this verification is 3 working days. At this time, deposits and withdrawals for user account will be suspended.