–°hains of bets


1. Chain - a set of independent slips.

2. Chain link - a slip included in the chain.

General provisions

1. Creating a chain allows Client to place new bets at the expense of future payments from active (unsettled) bets.

2. The basis of the chain - the first links, unsettled slips, the winnings from which will be used to pay for subsequent slips in the chain.

3. Adding a new link to the chain does not spend funds from the balance, placement of the new slip will be covered later using winnings from the previous slips.

4. It is possible to create several "parallel" chains using different unsettled slips as the first links.

Settlement rules

1. Slips in the chain will be settled sequentially in the order in which they are placed, as if each subsequent slip (link in the chain) is placed after the settlement of several or all previous ones.

2. Payouts from winning bets will be used to pay for subsequent links in the chain.

3. If, when settling the next link, the winnings exceed the total amount of payment for subsequent links, the difference will be credited to the balance.

4. After the settlement of the last link of the chain, the entire payout from this slip will be credited to the balance.

5. If, when settling the next link in the chain, the amount of the payout is not enough to fully pay for at least one subsequent link, the chain will be closed, the unpaid slips-links will be canceled, and the unused payouts will be credited to the balance.

Betting limits

1. A chain can only consist of independent bets. Bets on the same event cannot be included in the same chain.

2. A chain can consist of only one type of bet - only prematch or only Live.

3. A chain can only be created on the basis of unsettled bets, system bets for which a partial payment has already been made cannot be used.

4. Each slip can only be used to create one chain.

5. The chain cannot include slips placed under different bonus programs.

6. After settling at least one link of the chain, the chain will be blocked, it will be impossible to add new links to it.