How to withdraw money?

*Payment is only possible in those wallets and payment systems, with which you previously had made ​​a deposit. The sum of the payments should be proportional to the deposit of each purse. You can click on the link (view) to view available withdrawal amount for each payment system.

Withdrawal is quite simply, now you will find it.

  1. In the top menu select "Payout"
  2. Use the drop-down list to select a payment system on which you want to make payment:
  3. Fill out the form: purse, amount for withdrawal, your password.
    *The password is required to confirm your eligibility to perform the operation.
  4. Click "Request payment", then your request will be added to the list of "Current requests".

Additional operations

  1. You can see the available amount of the payment by clicking the link (view) in the form.
  2. After placing the request you can cancel it by pressing the "Cancel" button in front of the request line in the "Current requests" area.